400 GDP Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

The Hydra 400 is a customize-able Reverse Osmosis water filtration system that is capable of reducing up to 99% of contaminants from municipal water. This system is designed for use with hydroponic or horticultural applications.  The optional DI stage also makes it suitable for use in aquariums. This system comes standard equipped with a 1.5:1 water ratio.

Filtration Stages Function & Design

Stage 1:
1 micron sediment pre-filter.  The purpose of the 1 micron filter is to remove dirt, sediment, silt, rust, etc, which can clog and damage the the RO membrane.  

Stage 2:
5 micron Carbon pre-filter.     The purpose of the Carbon filter is to reduce or remove organic and inorganic chemicals and toxins.  This filter is responsible for the removal of chlorine from your water.

Stage 3:
100 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membranes.  The RO membrane removes 99% of total dissolved solids, leaving you with crystal clear & clean water. The two RO membrane  design allows the system to split the workload This greatly increases efficiency and allows the system to operate longer between membrane replacements.

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Hydra 400 Water filteration system

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